Long Range

Long Range: Madness & Me

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Long Range

Artist: Long Range
Title: Madness & Me

Three years in the making, Phil Hartnoll returns alongside producer Nick Smith with the vocal talents of Australian Folk singer Kelly Malone, Will White [Propellerheads] and the home-grown Senor Mick for a project which having been birthed in the back streets of Brighton evokes some diverse emotions from the cinematic leanings of title track 'Madness & Me' and equally filmatic 'Which Way Now', through to the more synth 'Just One More'. a beautiful and classic album. Long Range. 2007.

1.1 Lie Down
1.2 Madness and Me
1.3 Which Way Now
1.4 Run with the Rain
1.5 Dispell the Clouds
1.6 Three
1.7 Your Face
1.8 Just One More
1.9 Punky

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