Lonnie Liston Smith

Lonnie Liston Smith: A Song For The Children/Exotic Mysteries

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Product Type: CD

Title: A Song For The Children/Exotic Mysteries
Label: Robinsongs

Repressing. 2009 digitally remastered two-fer from the Jazz Fusion great featuring the 1979 album a Song for the Children joined by the classic Exotic Mysteries album which features 'Space Princess', a Lonnie Liston Smith masterpiece. A Song for the Children features seven Jazz fusion masterpieces including the title track which can only be described as more Disco than Jazz but it really worked and is now one of Lonnie's standards along with 'Expansions' and 'Space Princess'. The album Exotic Mysteries, as Lonnie points out on the sleeve notes, was one of his personal favorites to record and an album where he discovered a young 16 year old Marcus Miller, who wrote several songs for the album, and Lonnie knew he would be a star.

1.1 A Song for the Children
1.2 A Lovers Dream
1.3 Aquarian Cycle
1.4 Street Festival
1.5 Midsummer Magic
1.6 Nightlife
1.7 A Gift of Love
1.8 Space Princess
1.9 Quiet Moments
1.10 Magical Journey
1.11 Exotic Mysteries
1.12 Singing for Love
1.13 Mystical Dreamer
1.14 Twilight
1.15 Night Flower

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