Lord Invader

Lord Invader: West Indian Folksongs for Children

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lord Invader

Title: West Indian Folksongs for Children
Label: Folkways Records

Released in 1960, West Indian Folksongs for Children features original compositions by the Trinidadian Calypso singer Lord Invader. Some of the tunes are twists on other classics. For example, "Merrily We Roll Along" has the same melody as "London Bridges Falling Down." But "Ring a Rosy" may not sound quite the same as the version you're used to! The liner notes include the music of each song along with the lyrics.

1.1 Merrily We Roll Along
1.2 Ring a Rosy
1.3 Father Christmas
1.4 Early in the Morning
1.5 Limbo Dance
1.6 Bassa Down
1.7 See See Oh!
1.8 Call Him for Me
1.9 Annie Rooney

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