Lord Melody

Lord Melody: Lord Melody 1962

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lord Melody

Title: Lord Melody 1962
Label: Cook Records

This recording gives listeners more calypsos from one of the most famous calypsonians of all time, Lord Melody. (See also COOK00914 Again! Lord Melody Sings Calypso and COOK00927 Calypso through the Looking Glass.) the Cyril Diaz Calypso Combo and the March of Dimes Quartette back these witty songs.

1.1 Melody Twist
1.2 New York
1.3 Wau, Wau
1.4 Bong Bong Bong
1.5 Blackbird
1.6 The Seagull and the Mule
1.7 Georgie Porgie
1.8 Yours Sincerely
1.9 Nylon
1.10 Donkey Race
1.11 Happy Harry

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