Los Terribles Del Norte

Los Terribles Del Norte: Canciones Pa Nuestros Paisanos

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Los Terribles Del Norte
Title: Canciones Pa Nuestros Paisanos

CANCIONES PA' NUESTROS PAISANOS is a new 20 track collection of hits and memorable songs from one of the longest-running and most popular Norteño groups in the music industry, Los Terribles del Norte. The track list includes such memorable hits as 'El Deportado', 'El Emigrante', 'Me Agarro La Inmigracion', 'Mi Pueblito', 'San Luis Potosi', and many more. All of the songs share a central theme revolving around the hardships of immigration to the U.S. Los Terribles del Norte is one of the best-selling Norteño groups of the last two decades. Their vast catalog and new releases continue to be strong sellers among fans of Regional Mexican music. CANCIONES PA' NUESTROS PAISANOS will be another smash.

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