Loud Lion: Die Tough

Loud Lion: Die Tough
Title: Die Tough
Label: Mr Records

Loud Lion created a huge buzz several years back, but their album never appeared - until now! Loud Lion is the brain child of Pop/Rock icon Bleu who put together the project to pay homage to Mutt Lange and Def Leppard. The album includes nine original songs 'in the style of' classic Def Leppard and features Bleu along with Taylor Locke (Bleu's co-creator and main partner in Loud Lion, most widely known as the lead guitarist for Rooney), Adam Ross (Rihanna's touring guitarist), Allison Robertson (The Donnas lead guitarist), Maclaine Diemer (Bang Camaro - keyboards, guitar), John Fields (uber producer), and Dylan Halacy (Bang Camaro - drums). All songs produced by Bleu. Bleu comments on the Loud Lion CD: 'Def Leppard hasn't put anything as good as Loud Lion out in at least a decade! If you like Pyromania and Hysteria (and F*#k you if you don't) then you'll love this record - and that's not even taking into account the brain-liquidating shred-fests. An homage has never (ever) sounded so majestic!'

1.1 Love Will Break Your Heart
1.2 Lion's Den
1.3 Lion Eyes
1.4 Die Tuff
1.5 Loud Lion Theme Song
1.6 Dawn of the Dead
1.7 The Hills Have Eyes
1.8 Sunset Slip
1.9 None More Fast

Loud Lion: Die Tough

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