Loudness: Rise To Glory

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Artist: Loudness

Artist: Loudness
Title: Rise To Glory

Rise to Glory is the twenty-seventh studio album by Japanese heavy metal band Loudness. It was released on January 26, 2018, in Japan for Ward Records, and in North America and Europe for earMUSIC. It will be the first album since 1991's On the Prowl to be released in North America.

1.1 8118 (Instrumental)
1.2 Soul on Fire
1.3 I'm Still Alive
1.4 Go for Broke
1.5 Until I See the Light
1.6 The Voice
1.7 Massive Tornado
1.8 Kama Sutra (Instrumental)
1.9 Rise to Glory
1.10 Why and for Whom
1.11 No Limits
1.12 Rain
1.13 Let's All Rock

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