Louis Belogenis

Louis Belogenis: Tiresias

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Artist: Louis Belogenis

Artist: Louis Belogenis
Title: Tiresias

With "Tiresias", Louie Belogenis (sax), Sunny Murray (drums), and Michael Bisio (bass) look to the implications of Albert Ayler's recording "Spiritual Unity". Belogenis says, "Bisio and I listened to that record intensely; Ayler switches back and forth between dusky and bright, or open and more condensed actions, but it always flows. A lot of free music is process, versus classically structured event oriented music. To that end, Sunny changes things up immensely all of the time, because he's an astute listener, prodding and suggesting to the soloist all kinds of ideas - he's playing with you as much or more than he's giving you a carpet to play on." and "Tiresias" follows in that very tradition. "This music is not designed for the tenor player to do an 18 minute "Chasin' the Trane" - it is chamber music, carefully-sculpted listening environments that are way more interactive than normal tenor trios."

1.1 When Darkness Fell
1.2 Blind Prophecy
1.3 Divination
1.4 Tiresias
1.5 Alabama
1.6 Seven Lives

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