Lovejoy: Everybody Hates

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lovejoy

Title: Everybody Hates
Label: Matinee

Third full length from popular English act Lovejoy & follow-up to the classic 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' album in 2002. Since then Lovejoy has contributed tracks to several top indie compilations released a 45 on fashionable UK label Unpopular Records & played a handful of notable shows in England Spain & Sweden. Expanding on the multilayered sound of previous releases with a refined mix of guitars keyboards & percussion plus irresistible melodies & exceptional harmonies.

1.1 Radio Lovejoy
1.2 Everybody Hates Us and We Don€™T Care
1.3 Petrol Stars
1.4 America
1.5 Drug Autumn
1.6 Sandcastles
1.7 Sid Vicious
1.8 Nicotine and Love
1.9 Because You€™Re Worth It
1.10 This Could Be An Ending

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