Low: Drums and Guns

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Low

Title: Drums and Guns
Label: Sub Pop

DRUMS AND GUNS is Low's eighth full-length album and second for Sub Pop. It's also, after 2005's THE GREAT DESTROYER, the second album they've recorded with producer Dave Fridmann. DRUMS AND GUNS features a number of songs that ardent Low fans will recognize from the band's recent live shows. These songs appear here in substantially altered forms, as though they've been taken apart and reassembled in striking new ways, or seen with new eyes. Or, given the lyrical emphasis on murder and death, a more insightful interpretation might see the band killing these songs and bringing them back to life.

1.1 Pretty People
1.2 Belarus
1.3 Breaker
1.4 Dragonfly
1.5 Sandinista
1.6 Always Fade
1.7 Dust on the Window
1.8 Hatchet
1.9 Your Poison
1.10 Take Your Time
1.11 In Silence
1.12 Murderer
1.13 Violent Past

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