Ltd: Something To Love / Togetherness / Devotion / Shine On

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Artist: Ltd

Artist: Ltd
Title: Something To Love / Togetherness / Devotion / Shine On

Two CD set containing a quartet of albums from the R&B outfit: Something To Love, Togetherness, Devotion and Shine On. L. T. D. (Love, Togetherness, Devotion), a ten-piece Band from North Carolina that featured Jeffrey Osborne on lead vocals, came to prominence in the early '70s and Robinsongs are proud to bring you four of their greatest albums in one double CD package. Disc One brings you the Something To Love and Togetherness albums which include the smash gold disc awarded single '(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again' a #1 R&B Hit & #4 Pop Hit and the Top 10 Hit 'Never Get Enough Of Your Love'; both of these tracks were on Something To Love. When Togetherness was released, the first single was 'Holding On (When Love Is Gone)', another #1 R&B smash hit. Also included on this album was the single 'We Both Deserve Each Other's Love'. Disc Two compiles the albums Devotion and Shine On and again is crammed full of hot tracks including the singles 'Dance 'N' Sing 'N', 'Share My Love', 'Stranger', 'Shine On' and 'Where Did We Go Wrong', the latter again a top 10 R&B Hit. Togetherness went Platinum and Something To Love and Devotion were certified Gold in America. This package also features sleeve notes by Charles Waring of Record Collector and MOJO.

1.1 Age of the Showdown
1.2 (Won't Cha) Stay with Me
1.3 (Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again
1.4 You Come First at Last
1.5 We Party Hearty
1.6 If You're in Need
1.7 Never Get Enough of Your Love
1.8 Make Someone Smile, Today!
1.9 Material Things
1.10 Holding on (When Love Is Gone)
1.11 We Both Deserve Each Other's Love
1.12 Jam
1.13 You Must Have Known I Needed Love
1.14 Don't Stop Loving Me Now
1.15 It's Time to Be Real
1.16 Concentrate on You
1.17 You Fooled Me
1.18 Together Forever
1.19 Let's All Live and Give Together
2.1 One on One
2.2 Share My Love
2.3 Stand Up L.T.D
2.4 Say That You'll Be Mine
2.5 Dance 'N' Sing 'N'
2.6 Sometimes
2.7 Promise You'll Stay
2.8 Stranger
2.9 Feel It
2.10 You Gave Me Love
2.11 Where Did We Go Wrong
2.12 Getaway
2.13 Will Love Grow
2.14 Love Is What You Need
2.15 Shine on
2.16 Lovers Everywhere
2.17 Lady Love
2.18 Don'tcha Know

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