Lucky Dube: Life & Times

Lucky Dube: Life & Times
Title: Life & Times
Label: Metro Select

2012 two CD compilation from the late Reggae great. Born into poverty he rose as a musician in the Zulu tradition before his heartfelt reinvention as a Reggae artist brought fame throughout the world. With some of his greatest Reggae recordings, early Zulu hits and later crucial live performances, this set give a full and rounded picture of this much-missed musician. Metro Select.

1.1 Rastas Never Die
1.2 Fresh Air
1.3 Think About the Children
1.4 Slave
1.5 I've Got You Babe
1.6 Together As One
1.7 War ; Crime
1.8 House of Exile
1.9 It's Not Easy
1.10 Victims
1.11 Lovers in a Dangerous Time
1.12 Feel Irie
1.13 Guns ; Roses
1.14 The Way It Is
1.15 Money Money Money
1.16 Respect
2.1 Kudala Ngikuncenga [Live] [Live]
2.2 Lomuzi [Live] [Live]
2.3 Yinilent Oyifuna Kimi [Live] [Live]
2.4 Abathakathi [Live] [Live]
2.5 Sondela [Live] [Live]
2.6 Ngivika Izagila [Live] [Live]
2.7 Angeke Ngikukhohlwe [Live] [Live]
2.8 Kwathula Umoya [Live] [Live]
2.9 Ngikewthembe Na? [Live] [Live]
2.10 Umadakeni [Live] [Live]
2.11 Asibavumele [Live] [Live]
2.12 Amabhubesi [Live] [Live]
2.13 Ungabomshay Umfazi [Live] [Live]
2.14 Welcome Baba [Live] [Live]
2.15 Different Colours [Live] [Live]
2.16 Back to My Roots [Live] [Live]
2.17 Prisoner [Live] [Live]
2.18 Remember Me [Live] [Live]
2.19 Truth in the World [Live] [Live]

Lucky Dube: Life & Times

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