Ludacris: Luda Living

Ludacris: Luda Living
Title: Luda Living
Label: Modulor

2009 street release from the Hip Hop superstar. Having released 2008's Theatre of the Mind to critical acclaim, Luda decided it was time to take it back to the streets and give his fans more of what they've grown to love. Luda Living is 12 unreleased tracks from Ludacris and DTP. Modulor. 2009.

1.1 The Fu*Kin' Intro
1.2 O.G. SH*T
1.3 DTP Patna Dem
1.4 Number One Chick
1.5 Addicted to the Cash
1.6 We Gettin' Rich
1.7 Pop That Pus*Y
1.8 Back on the Streets
1.9 Head Noddin'
1.10 Believe It
1.11 Back in Arizona
1.12 Drunk As Fu*K

Ludacris: Luda Living

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