Ludus: Pickpocket/Danger Came Smiling

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ludus

Title: Pickpocket/Danger Came Smiling
Label: Darla Records

'People who know real genius will love this record. Linder's singing leaves me out of breath' - Morrissey. LTM are pleased to announce two more archive CDs from Manchester avant-punk legends Ludus, active between 1979 and 1983 and featuring creative mainsprings Linder Sterling and Ian Devine. Combining Ian's angular, jazz-informed and often improvised music with Linder's unflinching lyrical explorations, Ludus recorded three albums and six singles for a variety of labels, including New Hormones, Crepuscule and Sordide Sentimental. Pickpocket/Danger Came Smiling collects together two impossibly rare albums from 1982, both originally released on New Hormones, with the largely improvised DCS standing as the bands' most willfully experimental material. The CD features the original artwork by Linder, as well as extensive sleeve notes. Digitally restored and remastered from the original tapes, the 24 tracks amount to 71 minutes of music.

1.1 Patient
1.2 The Fool
1.3 Hugo Blanco
1.4 Mutilate
1.5 Box
1.6 Mouthpiece
1.7 Foaming at the Bit
1.8 Howling Comique
1.9 You Open My Legs Like a Book
1.10 Flogging Gully
1.11 Mememoremee
1.12 Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality
1.13 I Stabbed at the Sheep
1.14 Mistresspiece
1.15 Bloody Chamber
1.16 Would You Rather Dancing Be?
1.17 Wonder-Wounded
1.18 Savasana
1.19 Bitch Party
1.20 Modju
1.21 Palace of Thieves
1.22 Redress
1.23 Crinkum-Crankum
1.24 Centuries

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