Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Symphony 9 Choral Egmont Overture

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Artist: Ludwig Van Beethoven
Title: Symphony 9 Choral Egmont Overture

This is simply one of the greatest, most deservedly legendary recordings of Beethoven's 9th Symphony ever offered to the public. Tempos and dynamics vary widely, with Fricsay always considerate of the works many thematic challenges. His handling of the subtle rhythmic gradations of the Molto vivace is peerless and prepare yourself for one of the most exhilarating Allegro assai finales this side of Toscanini. With a line up of soloists including Irmgard Seefried, Maureen Forrester, Ernst Haefliger, and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau all in their vocal prime as well, it simply doesn't get any better than this. Deutsche Grammophon's rich well-balanced sound is very good for it's vintage. No matter how many performances of this frequently recorded masterpiece you may already own, don't miss Fricsay's!

1.1 Egmont Overture Op.84
1.2 Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Un Poco Maestoso
1.3 Molto Vivace
1.4 Adagio Molto E Cantabile
1.5 Presto
1.6 Presto -O Freunde, Nicht Diese Tone !-Allegro Assai

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