Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham: Lukas Graham (Gold Album)

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Artist: Lukas Graham

Artist: Lukas Graham
Title: Lukas Graham (Gold Album)

GOLD ALBUM contains 14 tracks, 12 of which are unavailable elsewhere (only two of the tracks were released in the U.S.). 2012 release, the self-titled debut album from the Danish singer/songwriter. The album entered the Danish Albums Chart at #1 and stayed on top of the chart for 15 weeks and was certified three times platinum. The album includes the singles "Ordinary Things", "Drunk in the Morning", "Criminal Mind" and "Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind PT 2)".

1.1 Ordinary Things
1.2 Nice Guy
1.3 Drunk in the Morning
1.4 When You're with Me (Interlude)
1.5 Red Wine
1.6 Apologize
1.7 Daddy, Now That You're Gone (Ain't No Love)
1.8 Criminal Mind
1.9 Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind Pt. 2)
1.10 Don't Hurt Me This Way
1.11 Moving Alone
1.12 Oohhh (Interlude)
1.13 Never Let Me Down
1.14 Before the Morning Sun

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