Luke Haines

Luke Haines: Adventures in Dementia: A Micro Opera

$23.21 $26.99
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Luke Haines

Title: Adventures in Dementia: A Micro Opera
Label: Outsider Music
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Extremely limited 10' pressing in gatefold sleeve. 2015 release from the British singer/songwriter and former leader of the Auteurs and Baader Meinhoff. What happens when a Mark E. Smith (lead singer of the Fall) impersonator has his holiday ruined by Skrewdriver? Let Luke Haines and Scott King reveal all. Adventures in Dementia is a 'micro opera' which features a Mark E. Smith impersonator's caravan holiday getting ruined by 'Ian Stuart'. Following Rock N Roll Animals and New York in the 70s, Luke's new collaboration with artist Scott King is the first known opera to be based on a travelling Mark E. Smith impersonator. Originally performed as a live stage show in Berlin during the summer of 2014.

1.1 Caravan Man
1.2 A Very Friendly Lion Called Parsley
1.3 Cats That Look Like Mes
1.4 Jerusalem Mix
1.5 Regeneration
1.6 Adventures in Dementia

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