Lula & the Bebops

Lula & the Bebops: Steady Roll

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Product Type: CD

Title: Steady Roll
Label: Blind Chicken Records

2015 debut album from the band who sound like they've been around forever. Lula & the Bebops play rock 'n' roll as if their lives depended on it. Steady Roll is 13 tracks of jumping, jiving, rocking rhythm & blues. Lula's vocal goes from a whisper to a hurricane and with musical accompaniment provided by the Bebops, captures the spirit of the classic 1950's Atlantic Records R&B recordings. Authentically recorded and mixed in mono and lovingly packaged; Steady Roll unearths lesser-known numbers, turning them into classics. Lula & the Bebops put the sex and grit back into rock 'n' roll. They make vintage songs sound relevant to now. A band born and brought up in the industrial heartland of the North, who have seen the highs and lows and play with all the heart, soul, sadness, joy and pride that primal beat deserves.

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