Lullatone: Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lullatone

Artist: Lullatone
Title: Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous

Using a tiny toy orchestra behind the whispery vocals of Yoshimi Tomida, the duo's newest CD fills the air with melodies and day dreams. Is it bedtime Bossa Nova, a sleepy time samba, Pillow Pop Music with subliminal techno beat? of course, it's Lullatone! On their latest CD they have added move vocals to their cute, minimalist melodies and managed yet again to create a new type of conceptual pop music. AS the title CD's title suggests, the concept for this album is pajama pop. There are songs for going to sleep, waking up, sitting around on a Sunday afternoon, cooking breakfast, daydreaming, napping, having a coffee or even some milk. All songs were recorded over the last two years in the duos converted bedroom studio in Nagoya, Japan. To enhance the soft 'recording in the house sound' the album was pre-mastered onto a vintage cassette 4-track machine for extra analogue magic. Let's float away with the pajama pop styling of Japan's sensational slumber party music makers, Lullatone.

1.1 Good Morning Melody
1.2 Bedroom Bossa Band
1.3 Magical
1.4 Pajama Party Pop
1.5 Sleepytime Samba
1.6 Thoughts and Clouds
1.7 Building Castles in the Sky
1.8 Floating Away

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