Luluc: Passerby

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Luluc

Title: Passerby
Label: Sub Pop

PASSERBY is the second album by Australian/Brooklyn band Luluc - it is their first international release and their Sub Pop debut. Co-produced by the band and the National's Aaron Dessner, PASSERBY shows off all of Luluc's best qualities, retaining the gentle beauty of the duo's debut while adding textures built with a cadre of impressive players. Band influences like Simon and Garfunkel and Gillian Welch (and, of course, Nick Drake) can be felt throughout Passerby, while the poignant restraint aligns them well with label mates Low.

1.1 Small Window
1.2 Without a Face
1.3 Passerby
1.4 Winter Is Passing
1.5 Tangled Heart
1.6 Senja
1.7 Reverie on Norfolk Street
1.8 Early Night
1.9 Gold on the Leaves
1.10 Star

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