Lunch at Allen's: If It Feels Right

Lunch at Allen&
Title: If It Feels Right
Label: Linus

2017 release. Lunch at Allen's are Canadian songwriting royalty: Murray McLauchlan, Marc Jordan, Cindy Church and Ian Thomas. As individuals, they have written for or sung on albums that have sold over 25 million copies and penned hits for acts like Chicago, Josh Groban, Santana, Bonnie Raitt and Rod Stewart. If It Feels Right is the fifth album of original material from the legendary group.

1.1 Where the Sweet Waters Flow
1.2 We All Come from Away
1.3 Little Bird
1.4 Stash Some Time Away
1.5 If the Wind Could Blow My Troubles Away
1.6 Nothing Comes from Nothing
1.7 Sweet Agony
1.8 If It Feels Right
1.9 Love with a Capital L
1.10 Dance Hall Daze
1.11 Ashes to Ashes
1.12 Aye Diddlaigh Aye

Lunch at Allen's: If It Feels Right

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