Lust for Youth

Lust for Youth: International

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Artist: Lust for Youth

Artist: Lust for Youth
Title: International

To put it bluntly, Lust for Youth's International is unrecognizable as a Lust for Youth record on first listen. Hannes Norrvide's previous solo albums under the Lust for Youth moniker have been described as "dark, cold, atonal, tormented, lonely, and lower than lo-fi." the approach on International has shifted dramatically. Norrvide's work has always had pop sensibilities buried deep in the reverb, but the hooks are front and center on International, and there is nothing lo-fi about it.

1.1 Epoetin Alfa
1.2 Illume
1.3 Ultras
1.4 New Boys
1.5 Lungomare
1.6 Armida
1.7 After Touch
1.8 Basorexia
1.9 Running
1.10 International

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