M. Andre: Piano Music

M. Andre: Piano Music
Title: Piano Music
Label: Wergo Germany

The piano works of Mark Andre are founded on his intensive examination of the fleeting phenomenon of sound reverberation and decay. His fading sounds can take numerous forms; there might be a thick cluster that reverberates on a single string, or a single note that causes the entire landscape of strings to resonate. On this recording, Tomoko Hemmi and Yukiko Sugawara interpret Andre's experimental constructions, focusing on his more recent pieces which seem softer and more playful, although here, too, the intrinsic logic and necessity of every transition and development has been closely scrutinized.

1.1 S1 for Two Pianos - Tomoko Hemmi/Yukiko Sugawara
1.2 Un-Fini III for Piano
1.3 IV 11A for Piano
1.4 IV 11B for Piano
1.5 Contrapunctus for Piano
1.6 IV 1 for Piano

M. Andre: Piano Music

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