M:Pire of Evil: Crucified

M:Pire of Evil: Crucified
Title: Crucified
Label: Cleopatra

- The new project by Venom founder Mantas along with former Venom vocalist Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan and sensational skin banger JXN! - Built on the foundation of one of the most important metal bands ever, M: Pire Of Evil delivers extraordinary musicianship playing unashamedly heavy riffs backed by propulsive rhythms and attitude to spare! - The official MOE fan club, HELLSPAWN, has been eagerly awaiting this release and it will also catch the attention of Venom's legion of followers!

1.1 Temples of Ice
1.2 Parasite
1.3 Kissing the Beast
1.4 Blackened Are the Priests
1.5 Carnivorous
1.6 Black Legions
1.7 Need to Kill
1.8 Wolverine
1.9 Crucified
1.10 Demone
1.11 Taking It All

M:Pire of Evil: Crucified

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