M. Ward: Transistor Radio

M. Ward: Transistor Radio
Title: Transistor Radio
Label: Merge Records

From a half-named troubadour with an otherworldly voice and an old time sensibility comes this fourth full-length, a collection of songs dedicated to the last remaining independent radio stations.

1.1 You Still Believe in Me
1.2 One Life Away
1.3 Sweethearts on Parade
1.4 Hi-Fi
1.5 Fuel for Fire
1.6 Four Hours in Washington
1.7 Regeneration No. 1
1.8 Big Boat
1.9 Paul's Song
1.10 Radio Campaign
1.11 Here Comes the Sun Again
1.12 Deep Dark Well
1.13 Oh Take Me Back
1.14 I'll Be Yr Bird
1.15 Lullabye ; Exile
1.16 Well Tempered Clavier

M. Ward: Transistor Radio

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