Makeshift Shelters

Makeshift Shelters: Something So Personal

$13.10 $15.98

Artist: Makeshift Shelters
Title: Something So Personal
Product Type: VINYL LP

Since it's heyday in the mid-to-late 00s, it certainly seems like pop-driven indie rock has been spoken for. To some that may be the case, but Makeshift Shelters is adding to the conversation while simultaneously creating their own. The Washington D.C. locals use their first LP, Something So Personal, to channel their dynamic mastery of pop and indie with songs that shake the floorboards in more ways than one.

1.1 Opposite Directions
1.2 (This Song Is Defintely Not About a Boy)
1.3 Lighterfluid
1.4 Hips
1.5 The Cautious End of Things
1.6 New Coast
1.7 Grayest Places
1.8 Overflowing
1.9 I'll Be the One That Comes Around
1.10 Darkest Nights

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