Malachai: Return to the Ugly Side of Love

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Malachai

Title: Return to the Ugly Side of Love
Label: Domino
Product Type: VINYL LP

Return to the Ugly Side is the follow up to their debut Ugly Side of Love. Whilst maintaining their chopped up sound - a unique combination of 60's pop-psych and hip-hop with a twist - Return to the Ugly Side sees a more cohesive, grown up Malachai in all their fervent duality; tunes/beats, past/present, dread/hope, ugly/beautiful... with Return to the Ugly Side, Malachai have made another classic.

1.1 Monsters
1.2 Anne
1.3 Mid Antarctica (Wearin Sandals)
1.4 Rainbows
1.5 In the Hole
1.6 (My) Ambulance
1.7 Distance
1.8 Monster
1.9 The Don't Just
1.10 How You Write
1.11 Let Em Fall
1.12 No More Rain No Maureen
1.13 Snake Eyes
1.14 Hybernation

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