Malow Mac

Malow Mac: Most Valuable Player

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Malow Mac

Artist: Malow Mac
Title: Most Valuable Player

Malow Mac is back stronger than ever with the Most Valuable Player, no studio gangsta here just the tales of a true soldier from the rough and tough streets of the IE one of Southern California's most dangerous cities. Malow Mac is a very talented MC and producer, he writes and produces all his own tracks, a real G putting it down for the Hi Power label for many years and is on his fourth studio solo project, his latest PLAYING FOR KEEPS, in 2007. On MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, Malow features Mr. Capone-E, Stomper, Psycho family, Miss Lady Pinks and others.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Musicology
1.3 It's Still Like That
1.4 Shaking Your Thing
1.5 Malow Mac
1.6 Candy Landy
1.7 Boys N' the Hood
1.8 Interlude
1.9 Don't Want None
1.10 What's Your Name
1.11 Hustlin
1.12 My Gangster Girl
1.13 Death Around the Corner
1.14 Got My Chucks on
1.15 Southside Ballin'
1.16 Outro

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