Mama's Gun

Mama's Gun: London Girls / Diamond In The Bell Jar

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Artist: Mama's Gun

Artist: Mama's Gun
Title: London Girls / Diamond In The Bell Jar
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl pressing. Mamas Gun are the UK's masters of modern soul music. Their blend of classic and contemporary influences have sparked millions of streams worldwide and garnered praise from The Sunday Times, Billboard, The Guardian, and Uncut Magazine. The sizzling and stylish "London Girls" holds a special place for bandleader Andy Platts. "I wanted to write a tune with 'London' in the title," says the singer, who penned the song with his wife Jodie Seymour. "For most of my career, I've been making American-influenced music and it's nice to do stuff that kind of points to where you're from and the fibre of your being, having something with 'London' in it without it being too tongue-in-cheek. I also wanted to write something very empowering about the strong metropolitan London women, from the street to the board room."

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