Man Man

Man Man: Life Fantastic

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Artist: Man Man

Artist: Man Man
Title: Life Fantastic

LIFE FANTASTIC is the much anticipated follow up album to RABBIT HABITS (2008), an album which inspired Paste magazine to proclaim of the band - "They are what rock n roll is meant to be and, frankly, what most rock bands have forgotten altogether: these songs are fun." Expanding their palette while keeping the found instruments (typewriter bell, anyone?), Man Man continue to evolve into an entirely new form of propulsive pop music.

1.1 Knuckle Down
1.2 Piranhas Club
1.3 Steak Knives
1.4 Dark Arts
1.5 Haute Tropique
1.6 Shameless
1.7 Spooky Jookie
1.8 Eel Bros
1.9 Bangkok Necktie
1.10 Life Fantastic
1.11 Oh, la Brea

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