Man: Reanimated Memories

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Man

Artist: Man
Title: Reanimated Memories
Product Type: VINYL LP

MAN - REANIMATED MEMORIES Limited Deluxe Vinyl 2LP Set "Reanimated Memories" is a collection of 11 crafted songs that clearly draw inspiration from Man's past whilst also looking forward in creative terms. "Reanimated Memories" successfully covers every facet of Man's musical character, from Phil Ryan's extended piece 'In Time', to the reflective "God Delusion" by Josh Ace, to the album's closing track 'All the Birds' written by Martin Ace. Man's first studio album after a five year hiatus, "Reanimated Memories" a fine new addition to the recorded legacy of MAN.

1.1 The Ballad of Billy Lee 6:00
1.2 No Solution 4:39
2.1 In Time 10:32
2.2 We Know 4:36
3.1 One More Ride on the Waltzers 4:27
3.2 Ordinary Man 6:11
3.3 God Delusion 4:33
4.1 Got No Money in My Pocket 5:05
4.2 Nothing Fails Like Success 5:11
4.3 Events of Yesterday 3:20
4.4 All the Birds 5:48

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