Mandy Marylane

Mandy Marylane: Blues Shack

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mandy Marylane

Title: Blues Shack
Label: Y&T Music

Y&T Music is very proud to announce Mandy Marylane's new EP, "Blues Shack." The EP was produced by Fernando Perdormo and features Mandy's new interpretations of 5 classic blues, gospel and country classics. Each copy of the EP comes with a numbered and signed art print by Mandy and Fernando. Y&T Music has previously released albums by several artists, including The Mavericks, Mary Karlzen, For Squirrels, Eric Andersen, Arlan Feiles, Amanda Green, Charlie Pickett along with tribute albums by folk troubadours Fred Neil and Jim Wurster. Y&T is thrilled to add Mandy Marylane to the list of artists that have been introduced through the Miami based label.

1.1 Devil's Got the Blues
1.2 High and Dry
1.3 Blues on the Ceiling
1.4 Drunkard's Blues
1.5 Dragnet for Jesus

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