Månegarm: Nattvasen (t-shirt S)

Månegarm: Nattvasen (t-shirt S)
Title: Nattvasen (t-shirt S)
Label: Black Lodge Records

Limited bundle includes bonus small t-shirt. Digitally remastered and expanded edition of Månegarm's classic album Nattväsen. This album that was originally released on Regain Records in 2009, is packed with pagan battle songs and has by many been seen as a milestone in the Viking metal genre. This remaster includes an unreleased bonus track, brand new artwork and comes with exclusive liner notes from the band.

1.1 Mina Fäders Hall
1.2 Nattsjäl, DRÖMSJÄL
1.3 Bergagasten
1.4 I Den Svartaste Jord
1.5 Hraesvelg
1.6 Vetrarmegin
1.7 Draugen
1.8 Nattväsen
1.9 Delling
1.10 Bergatagen (Unreleased Bonus Track)

Månegarm: Nattvasen (t-shirt S)

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