Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann: Radio Days Vol. 2: Live At The Bbc 1966-69

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Artist: Manfred Mann

Artist: Manfred Mann
Title: Radio Days Vol. 2: Live At The Bbc 1966-69
Product Type: VINYL LP

Triple vinyl LP pressing. The second volume of Manfred Mann's BBC recordings, Radio Days - The Mike d'Abo Era, covers the band's Fontana label hitmaking from 1966-1969. The band lineup on this release includes Manfred Mann (keyboards), Mike d'Abo (vocals/piano), Mike Hugg (drums/vibes/piano), Tom McGuinness (guitar), and Klaus Voormann (bass). Highly regarded BBC host Brian Matthew expertly follows the band's development through their increasingly complex pop confections while keeping their sense of humor intact. For such a rapidly changing music environment, Manfred Mann's BBC radio appearances with Brian Matthew and other influential hosts such as John Peel, David Symonds and Tony Brandon, would prove to be essential to the success of their singles. Volume two spotlights the "Saturday Club," "Easy Beat" and "Top Gear" sessions aired on the BBC's "Top Of The Pops" transcription series hosted by Brian Matthew, and some extremely rare off-air recordings have also been included. The changing landscape of 1960s music led the various members of Manfred Mann to record production, songwriting, recording of film scores, commercial jingles and also artist management - all the while continuing to create band recordings. Many of these pursuits are documented in Brian Matthew's incisive interviews. With one exception ("Mighty Quinn"), none of these BBC tracks have been released commercially before.

1.1 Mohair Sam
1.2 Mike D'abo Interview
1.3 Just Like a Woman (#1)
1.4 Wang Dang Doodle
1.5 Manfred Mann Interview
1.6 Semi-Detached, Suburban Mr. James (#1)
1.7 Morning After the Party
1.8 Ha! Ha! Said the Clown
1.9 The Nitty Gritty
1.10 Sweet Pea
1.11 Hound Dog
1.12 Manfred Mann Interview
1.13 So Long, Dad
1.14 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (#1)
1.15 Manfred Mann ; Mike D'abo Interview
1.16 Mighty Quinn (#1)
1.17 Handbags and Gladrags
2.1 Cubist Town
2.2 Sleepy Hollow
2.3 Manfred Mann ; Mike D'abo Interview
2.4 My Name Is Jack (#1)
2.5 The Vicar's Daughter
2.6 Each and Every Day
2.7 The Letter
2.8 Mike D'abo Interview
2.9 Fox on the Run
2.10 Fever
2.11 Abraham, Martin ; John
2.12 So Long
2.13 Clair
2.14 Sentimental Sunday (Mike D'abo Solo)
3.1 Manfred Mann ; Mike D'abo Interview
3.2 Ragamuffin Man
3.3 Oh What a Day
3.4 The Last Goodbye (Mike D'abo Solo)
3.5 Just Like a Woman (#2)
3.6 Semi-Detached, Suburban Mr. James (#2)
3.7 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (#2)
3.8 Mighty Quinn (#2)
3.9 Manfred Mann ; Mike D'abo Interview
3.10 My Name Is Jack (#2)
3.11 Orange Peel
3.12 She's a Woman
3.13 Summertime
3.14 You've Got It Made

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