Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann: The Very Best Of The Fontana Years

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Manfred Mann

Title: The Very Best Of The Fontana Years
Label: Universal I.S.

18 hits including Mighty Quinn, Ha Ha the Clown, the Vicar's Daughter, I Wanna Be Rich and more.

1.1 Mighty Quinn
1.2 Ha Ha Said the Clown
1.3 The Vicars Daughter
1.4 Semi-Detatched Suburban Mr James
1.5 I Wanna Be Rich
1.6 My Name Is Jack
1.7 A B Side
1.8 Fox on the Run
1.9 It's So Easy Falling
1.10 Ragamuffin Man
1.11 Trouble ; Tea
1.12 Box Office Draw
1.13 Sweet Pea
1.14 Up the Junction Theme
1.15 Feeling So Good
1.16 So Long Dad
1.17 Each Others Company
1.18 Just Like a Woman

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