Manners: Pale Blue Light

Manners: Pale Blue Light
Title: Pale Blue Light
Label: Morse Code Prod
Product Type: VINYL LP

Manners is a five-piece Connecticut-based band that plays melodic hardcore to aggressive, technical hardcore and everything in between. If you have ever listened to the band's previous EP Apparitions, then you should know that Manners is a loaded gun ready to fire.

1.1 Boiling Point 3:05
1.2 Wallflower 2:51
1.3 Family Portrait 3:28
1.4 Nothing To Fear 2:02
1.5 Rent 4:55
2.1 Legacy 3:20
2.2 Binge 2:29
2.3 The Sun Won't Rise 2:16
2.4 Equinox 3:01
2.5 Living Will 3:36

Manners: Pale Blue Light

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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