Mantar: Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mantar

Title: Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze - Mantar's new album, "The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze", is a short, sharp shock that hones the hungry riffs and breath-taking pace of their previous records. Comprised of 12 different and catchy tracks averaging 3 or 4 minutes long, this is Mantar at their most refined, no bullshit moment.

1.1 The Knowing
1.2 Age of the Absurd
1.3 Seek + Forget
1.4 Taurus
1.5 Midgard Serpent (Seasons of Failure)
1.6 Dynasty of Nails
1.7 Eternal Return
1.8 Obey the Obscene
1.9 Anti Eternia
1.10 The Formation of Night
1.11 Teeth of the Sea
1.12 The Funeral

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