Mantra Vega: Illusions Reckoning

Mantra Vega: Illusions Reckoning
Title: Illusions Reckoning
Label: Black Sand

2016 release. Mantra Vega is a collaboration between former Mostly Autumn vocalist Heather Findlay and Sound of Contract keys man Dave Kerzner. The supporting cast is made up largely from members Heather's own band, including Roger Waters' guitarist Dave Kilminster, one-time Seahorse Stuart Fletcher, and two members shared with the current incarnation of Mostly Autumn, drummer Alex Cromarty and guitarist Chris Johnson. As that earlier single had suggested, this is a record with a strong ‘70s vibe. There are nods to Stevie Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac and the rootsy side of Led Zeppelin, as well as the folky feel of Heather Findlay's work with Odin Dragonfly and early Mostly Autumn. In places it evokes a similar mood to Songs From The Old Kitchen, but the album as a whole feels closer to a logical progression from her work back in Mostly Autumn days than the more experimental direction of The Phoenix Suite. With the possible exception of the keyboard-led spoken word opener "Every Corner" and the epic title track, it's perhaps more classic rock than progressive, but it's an extremely varied record with feet in a lot of camps. It's been a long wait, but this album proves worth that wait. Dave Kerzner proves as excellent a co-writer and creative foil to Heather Findlay as she is at giving voice to his compositions. The result is a record that's as good as anything either of them have done. For Heather in particular it embraces her musical legacy without being constrained by it.

1.1 Every Corner 2:25
1.2 Island 5:53
1.3 Veil of Ghosts 6:48
1.4 Lake Sunday 6:10
1.5 Mountain Spring 6:09
1.6 In a Dream 5:20
1.7 Learning to Be Light 5:03
1.8 I've Seen Your Star 6:00
1.9 Island (Reprise) 1:42
1.10 The Illusion's Reckoning 9:53

Mantra Vega: Illusions Reckoning

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