Marcelo Nisinman

Marcelo Nisinman: Tango Works

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Artist: Marcelo Nisinman
Title: Tango Works

This new Tango music, rooted in Buenos Aires, expands through a variety of situations via my own style of breaking with the traditional "rules" of the "Musica Porteña". I try to avoid what is established as "Tango" because I believe that what is "Established" in Art is "Dead" in life, or dead in Tango. The Argentine writer Roberto Arlt inspired "El demonio del insomnio", "Argentinos en Europa", "Atenti nena que el tiempo pasa" and "La terrible sinceridad". Those four works belong to his "Aguafuertes Porteñas", written during the first half of the 20th c. in Buenos Aires. (Marcelo Nisinman)

1.1 El Demonio Del Insomnio
1.2 Kill Yourself Step By Step and Be Free
1.3 El Corazon Al Sur
1.4 Argentinos en Europa
1.5 Sr. Tango
1.6 Take Life As a Slow-Motion Suicide Process
1.7 Atenti Nena Que El Tiempo Pasa
1.8 Tango for Bad People
1.9 La Terrible Sinceridad
1.10 Balada Para Un Egolatra Enloquecido

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