Mari Kalkun

Mari Kalkun: Ilmamotsan

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Mari Kalkun

Artist: Mari Kalkun
Title: Ilmamotsan
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. In the Võro language of Southern Estonia, Ilmamõtsan means "in the wood of the world". It's also the title of the third album from Estonian singer Mari Kalkun, and a step sideways from her previous band-led offering, 2015's Tii Ilo. Throughout Ilmamõtsan, Kalkun reconfigures the traditional to fit a vision of music which reflects it's milieu. She plays the accordion, harmonium, kannel (the Estonian zither), chimes, bells and the luuvuur - the bone spinner.

1.1 Keelega-Meelega / with Tongue and Heart
1.2 Ngadei!
1.3 Süda Tuksub / the Heart Beats
1.4 Mõtsavele Mang / the Forest Brother Game
1.5 Linnaitk / City Lament
1.6 Laul Kahele / a Song for Two
1.7 Sula / Thaw
1.8 Öölibikas / the Moth
1.9 Labi Katsa Kalamere / Across the Seven Seas
1.10 Tummõhit TSÕÕRÕ / Dark Circles
1.11 Lumeuni / the Snow´S Sleep
1.12 Linda-Linda / Fly, Linda!

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