Maria Campos

Maria Campos: Popular

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Artist: Maria Campos

Artist: Maria Campos
Title: Popular

A precocious musician, Maria Campos wrote and recorded her first songs at 12 and at 16 began to study acting. Her first performance with Teatro Off was well received by the entertainment press and her career took flight. At 18, she had found her niche in the under music scene in Buenos Aires and played regularly to an ever-growing public. At 22 she unexpectedly found herself expecting and decided to embark on a journey she wasn't sure she was ready for. She made the difficult decision to step away from her music in order to focus fully on this new chapter. It was a hard choice but she felt it was the right one. After unsuccessful attempts to quiet her inner musical voices and with a more stable personal life, Maria decided to take up her career as a musician once again, inspired in part by the fans who continued to follow her in spite of her absence. Two important figures, Gustavo Santolalla and Cachorro López were responsible for convincing her to return to the studio and continue composing. López also produced Maria singing the unforgettable VETE DE MI for the soundtrack of the movie EL HILO ROJO. Shortly thereafter, the Argentine designer, Maria Cher, asked her to compose a song for an upcoming ad campaign, which ended up being her most popular campaign to date. Global It Girl Chufy Sofia Sanchez de Betak then asked her to play at the MANGO's Journey stop in Buenos Aires. More recently, Maria is experiencing the passion that one feels when you spend every day doing what you love. A spring in her step and a light in her eye are clear evidence of this and she feels the journey is even sweeter now that her daughter, Violeta, accompanies her along the way. Awaiting the release of her first album, which by no coincidence is titled, "Popular", Maria is on fire and at the behest of her fan Fernando Sulichin, is busy composing music for his next film.

1.1 Charlita Veneno
1.2 Popular
1.3 Dejando Atras
1.4 Figurita
1.5 Sali Adelante
1.6 Para Querer
1.7 Telenovela
1.8 Tonta
1.9 La Mariposa
1.10 Fantasma Espanol
1.11 Esos Besos

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