Mark McKenzie

Mark McKenzie: The Ultimate Gift

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mark McKenzie

Artist: Mark McKenzie
Title: The Ultimate Gift

1.1 The Ultimate Gift Main Title
1.2 City Boy in Texas
1.3 Bum's Bench
1.4 Emily's Chemo
1.5 I've Seen What Money Can Do
1.6 Those Arms Are for You
1.7 Park Picnic
1.8 Arrival in Ecuador
1.9 Childhood Letter
1.10 Family Thanksgiving (G.F. Handel)
1.11 Plane Wreckage
1.12 Captivity
1.13 The Firing Squad
1.14 One Shouldn't Lose a Son
1.15 What's Your Dream?
1.16 Emily's Legacy
1.17 Redemption
1.18 Red's Goodbye
1.19 Texas Christmas / a Perfect Day
1.20 Two Billion (Mark McKenzie and Kelly Morrison)
1.21 Something Changed* (Sara Groves)
1.22 Legacy (Kelly Morrison) Performed By Ed Gogginarranged By Rob Pottorf

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