Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich: Lili Marlene: Best of Marlene Dietrich

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Artist: Marlene Dietrich
Title: Lili Marlene: Best of Marlene Dietrich

1.1 Falling in Love Again
1.2 You've Got That Look (That Leaves Me Weak)
1.3 The Boys in the Back Room
1.4 I've Been in Love Before
1.5 You Go to My Head
1.6 You Do Something to Me
1.7 Illusions
1.8 Black Market
1.9 Lili Marlene
1.10 Symphonie
1.11 Another Spring, Another Love
1.12 Near You
1.13 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
1.14 I May Never Go Home Anymore
1.15 If He Swing By the String
1.16 Such Trying Times

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