Marriage Material

Marriage Material: Marriage Material

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Marriage Material
Label: Broken Silence
Product Type: VINYL LP

The music of Marriage Material draws from a world of influences and hits with the force of a sledgehammer. It is driven precise drumming of Felix Lehrmann, grounded by the unerring pulse of bassist Thomas Stieger and ignited by the "pyrotechnic" solos of vibraphonist/keyboardist Raphael Meinhart and guitarist Arto Mäkelä. The 4 musicians belong to the cream of the German music scene. Now they have decided to record an album together. And this album has it all: powerful fusion music, reminiscent of Weather Report mixed with strong rock elements. Guests are: Simon Oslender, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr and many more.

1.1 La Valse de Mariage
1.2 Tony's Tears
1.3 The Other Side
1.4 Undentified Man I
1.5 Flowers in Her Hair
1.6 Remi Problemi
1.7 Changes
1.8 Undentified Man II
1.9 Betelgeuse
2.1 Forced to Be Happy
2.2 Turned
2.3 Lizzard Party Underdog Version
2.4 Undentified Man III
2.5 Sweet Rain
2.6 Since
2.7 Saunasolmu
2.8 Undentified Man IV
2.9 The End Is Gear

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