Martin Gordon

Martin Gordon: Thanks For All The Fish

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Artist: Martin Gordon

Artist: Martin Gordon
Title: Thanks For All The Fish

2018 release. Former Sparks and Radio Stars bassist Martin Gordon returns with his eighth solo album. Martin has worked with the Rolling Stones, Primal Scream, Blur, Boy George and Kylie Minogue. This album continues his own brand of guitar-driven pop with a dark, yet still melodic, edge. Targets include Brexiteers ('Idiots') and Donald Trump.

1.1 Idiots
1.2 Political Correctness Gone Mad
1.3 Thanks for All the Fish
1.4 Bad Guys (Sad)
1.5 Unpresidented
1.6 The Beast of Ankara
1.7 The Weekend Is Wunderbar
1.8 Half a Chicken
1.9 Jalapeño
1.10 Dump the Trump
1.11 No Thank You
1.12 Tiny Mind
1.13 God's Not Great
1.14 Grim
1.15 Coda

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