Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins: Devil Woman: Four LPs & Six Singles 1961-1962

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Artist: Marty Robbins

Artist: Marty Robbins
Title: Devil Woman: Four LPs & Six Singles 1961-1962

This 2-CD?set anthologises Marty Robbins' entire recorded output during 1961-62, featuring: four LPs and six hit singles. By 1961, Marty was firmly established as the most successful C&W/Pop/R&R crossover artist in the United States, renowned for his epic "Gunfighter &?Western" songs. He subsequently embarked upon an unlikely 'experimental' phase, in which he explored other musical directions. This is reflected in the four LPs included herein, "Just?A?Little Sentimental", "Marty After Midnight" (both of which featured Marty performing Standards), "Portrait Of Marty" (a musically eclectic set, devised to showcase his versatility) and "Devil Woman" (a mainstream C&W/Pop album, titled after one of his biggest-ever hits). His six featured singles are: 'Jimmy Martinez', 'It's Your World', 'Sometimes I'm Tempted'/'I?Told The Brook', 'Love Can't?Wait', 'Devil?Woman' and 'Ruby Ann', the latter two both being million-selling, U. S. ?C&W chart-toppers.

1.1 A?Little Sentimental
1.2 Hurt
1.3 To Each His Own
1.4 I?Can't Help It (If I'm?Still in Love with You)
1.5 Answer Me, My Love
1.6 Clara
1.7 Half As Much
1.8 Unchained Melody
1.9 Are You Sincere
1.10 Guess I'll Be Going
1.11 To Think You've Chosen Me
1.12 Too Young
1.13 I'm in the Mood for Love
1.14 Misty
1.15 Looking Back
1.16 September in the Rain
1.17 Don't Throw Me Away
1.18 Pennies from Heaven
1.19 Summertime
1.20 All the Way
1.21 It Had to Be You
1.22 I'm Having a?Ball
1.23 If I?Could Cry
1.24 On the Sunny?Side of the Street
1.25 Jimmy Martinez
1.26 Ghost Train
1.27 It's Your World
1.28 You Told Me So
1.29 Sometimes I'm Tempted
1.30 I Told the Brook
2.1 The Bend in the River
2.2 Abilene Rose
2.3 Lolene
2.4 Foggy Foggy Dew
2.5 Beyond the Reef
2.6 Ka-Lu-A
2.7 Yours (Quiéreme Mucho)
2.8 Dusty Winds
2.9 No One Will Ever Know
2.10 The Nearness of You
2.11 All the Way
2.12 I'll Walk Alone
2.13 Devil Woman
2.14 Ain't Life a Crying?Shame
2.15 Time Can't?Make Me Forget
2.16 In the Ashes of?An Old Love Affair
2.17 The Hand You're Holding Now
2.18 Worried
2.19 Little Rich Girl
2.20 Progressive Love
2.21 I'm Beginning to Forget
2.22 Love Is a?Hurting Thing
2.23 Kinda Halfway Feel
2.24 The Wine Flowed Freely
2.25 Love Can't Wait
2.26 Too Far Gone
2.27 April Fool's Day
2.28 Ruby?Ann
2.29 Won't You Forgive

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