Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins: Sing Me Something Sentimental

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Artist: Marty Robbins

Artist: Marty Robbins
Title: Sing Me Something Sentimental

Marty Robbins was one of the first country stars to hit it big on the pop charts. He sings of love and heartbreak on these 24 classics: Tomorrow You'll Be Gone; I Wish Somebody Loved Me; I'll Go on Alone; You're Breaking My Heart; I Couldn't Keep from Crying; a Castle in the Sky; a Half-Way Chance with You; Sing Me Something Sentimental; at the End of a Long, Lonely Day; It's a Pity What Money Can Do; My Isle of Golden Dreams; Aloha Oe, and more.

1.1 Tomoroy You'll Be Gone
1.2 I Wish Somebody Loved Me
1.3 Love Me or Leave Me Alone
1.4 Cryin' Cause I Love You
1.5 I'll Go on Alone
1.6 You're Breaking My Heart
1.7 I Couldn' Keep from Crying
1.8 After You Leave
1.9 Castle in the Sky
1.10 Half-Way Chance with You
1.11 Sing Me Something Sentimental
1.12 At the End of a Long Lonely Day
1.13 Blessed Jesus Should I Fall Don't Let Me Lay
1.14 Kneel ; Let the Lord Take Your Load
1.15 Don't Make Me Ashamed
1.16 It's a Long Long Ride
1.17 Pretty Words
1.18 Your Heart's Turn to Break
1.19 My Isle of Golden Dreams
1.20 Aloha Oe
1.21 I'm Too Big to Cry
1.22 Call Me Up (And I'll Come Calling on You)
1.23 It's a Pity What Money Can Do
1.24 Time Goes By

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