Mary Black

Mary Black: Full Tide

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Artist: Mary Black

Artist: Mary Black
Title: Full Tide

Her first full length studio album since 1999's "Speaking with the Angel," this album had all of things that we love about Mary Black. The late Noel Brazil has written many of her popular songs, and it's fitting that she includes four of his songs on this disc as a tribute. There are two tracks written by Bob Dylan and two co-written by Mary and her son, Danny O'Reilly, who is proving to be a fine young songwriter himself. Her daughter, Rolsin, also contributes to the album with great harmony vocals.

1.1 The Land of Love
1.2 Lay Down Your Weary Tune
1.3 Your Love
1.4 Don't Let Me Come Home a Stranger
1.5 The Real You
1.6 Stand Up
1.7 Full Moon
1.8 Straight As a Die
1.9 Siul a Run
1.10 St. Kilda Again
1.11 To Make You Feel My Love
1.12 Japanese Deluxe

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