Mary Lambert: Grief Creature

Mary Lambert: Grief Creature
Title: Grief Creature
Label: Tender Heart Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Six Years in the making. Greif Creature is Mary's most intimate and honest masterwork.

1.1 Fine/Finally
1.2 Shame
1.3 Me, Museum
1.4 Sister
1.5 Born Sad
1.6 Write You a Song
1.7 Steady ; Sure
1.8 Easy to Leave (Feat. Maiah Manser)
1.9 Knife
1.10 House of Mirrors (Feat. MacKlemore)
1.11 Not Ready to Die Yet
1.12 Climbing Out
1.13 Feel with Me (Feat. Hollis)
1.14 Trauma Is a Stalker
1.15 If You Ever Leave Somebody
1.16 Another Rape Poem
1.17 Bless This Hell (Feat. Julien Baker)

Mary Lambert: Grief Creature

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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