Mass Madness: Innerbeast

Mass Madness: Innerbeast
Title: Innerbeast
Label: Punishment 18 Record

Mass Madness is synonymous of an aggressive and technical thrash metal painted of Death Metal: frenetic, dynamic and fast. The songwriting features extremely cruel riffs, a furious rhythm section combined with extreme female vocals! Before the arrival of the pandemic, the band was very active live between festivals and tours, but also feeding the thirst for metal in underground venues in Russia.

1.1 Extreme Defense
1.2 Digital Waste
1.3 I Am the Power
1.4 Bring It Down
1.5 Passion to Retaliate
1.6 It Remains
1.7 Wasted Tool of War
1.8 Living to Survive
1.9 Rage Overcomes

Mass Madness: Innerbeast

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